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Our Story

This is our story... we make all natural personal care products including our leading aluminum-free deodorant to keep you healthy and gorgeous by reducing your risk to chemical exposure. You encounter enough chemicals in the world; you don’t need to be applying them directly to your skin.

We also go a step further by locally sourcing ingredients where possible, using sustainable processes and packaging in recyclable bottles. Because it isn’t just your future we’re protecting—it’s everyone’s.

About Melissa Lowe - Our Founder

"I founded Harmoni’s Kiss with three things in mind: each one of my beautiful, growing daughters. I knew that they would be exposed to potentially harsh chemicals at school, in stores, and in other people’s homes. But there was one place I could control their exposure: in their personal care products.

I was inspired by the research of Dr. Rebecca Sutton, who found that beauty products were leaving trace amounts of chemicals in the bodies of teenage girls. I knew that in order to keep my girls healthy, I had to do something. That’s when I decided to create a fun, fashionable brand of personal care products that keeps them healthy and gorgeous."

Our mission is to develop beautiful, natural products for beautiful people (that's YOU!). Our products aren't designed to turn you into a goddess, you already are one. Our skin care products are here to help you stay amazing. From our 1,2,3 Step Skin Care range (Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise) to our delish body lotion and our famous aluminium free roll-on deodorant.

If ever you have questions about our brand or our products you can get in-touch with us via facey or email.