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  • Body Changes - It's Going To Be Okay

    Posted on February 15 2011

    Accept that you're feeling a bit blah today and know tomorrow is a new day and it will pass.

  • No Sweat

    Posted on January 17 2011

    Gettin sweaty with it. There ain't no ick with sweat but it's super important to be responsible with how we handle it. Roll-ons are eco-friendly and triumph over aerosols.
  • 28 Days (thereabouts)

    Posted on December 20 2010

    Getting your first period can be super scary. We girls need all the help we can get. Here is the low down on our monthly friend and how to deal.
  • Getting boobies

    Posted on December 13 2010

    Every female body goes through a whole heap of different changes during the teenage years. You might have a growth spurt and get a lot taller in a short space of time. You might start to develop fuller hips. As you become a young woman you’ll also develop breasts.

  • Mum's Corner

    Posted on June 10 2010

    Mum's Corner

    In September 2008 an American group called Environmental Working Group (EWG) took samples of blood and urine from 20 girls aged 14-19. The staff scientist, Rebecca Sutton Ph.D, reported that the girls samples showed traces of 16 chemicals from 4 chemical families that are commonly used in personal care products.