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  • The Why? In HK's Famous Roll On Deodorant

    Posted on May 10 2017

    Who Can use Harmoni's Kiss Roll On Deodorant? Everyone! Although Harmoni's Kiss formulated the all-natural Roll On Deodorant with girls in mind, this product is so effective that the whole family can use it. 

  • Spot the Difference

    Posted on May 10 2017

    When you get into your teens it’s a top idea to get into a regular skincare routine to make sure your skin looks its best later in life.

  • The difference between antiperspirant deodorant and natural deodorant

    Posted on July 29 2013

    You may change your mind about antiperspirant deodorant or introducing one to your child at the age of 10 or 11 when you understand the difference between an antiperspirant deodorant and a natural and organic one.

  • A Chrissy pud that will knock your Christmas stockings off!

    Posted on November 16 2012

    This chrissy pud comes from grandmothers and Women's Weekly recipes that have been adapted over the years. We take out the cherries from the mixed fruit and this year I didn't add the spices because no one likes the taste of them here.
  • The power of 'circle of friends'

    Posted on November 04 2012

    Melissa recounts her evening with The McGrath Foundation