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  • No one else is you - that is your power

    Posted on November 22 2017

    Truer words spoken by Gracie Ireland could not be said louder. At HK our motto is self-love. There are way too many challenges to deal with in life already, why do we insist on creating a war with ourselves as well? It's time to stop bullying ourselves.
  • Body Beautiful

    Posted on October 25 2017

    We love insta! In fact you could say we're a bit obsessed. But we're getting a little sick and tired of seeing all these edited bodies! Stop editing yourself!
  • Liptember

    Posted on September 11 2017

    Raising Awareness for Women's Mental Health Issues Did you know: One in three Australi...
  • Growing Up Gracefully

    Posted on July 14 2017

    The teenage years can be a wonderful, exciting time. Sure, you may be faced with new challenges, but if you embrace the changes and be kind to yourself while they’re happening it will be a journey you remember forever. At Harmoni’s Kiss, we talk about how great it is to be female, the natural changes that happen when you move from being a girl to a young woman and how you can approach this stage with a positive attitude so your experience is a happy one.
  • Our 3 Step Skin System!

    Posted on July 12 2017

    Listen up, ladies! Less is more, and your skincare routine is no exception.