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Why we support The McGrath Foundation, it's not what you think!

Posted on October 27 2012

A Melissa Story:

Last week I wrote about "what you need to know about aluminium and deodorant".  In the blog we answered a question regarding the topic of aluminium and breast cancer.

The other question that often pops up is "do you support The McGrath Foundation because of the link between breast cancer and aluminium in anti-perspirants?" No that's not why. (remembering that there is no "real" evidence either way).

The reason why we chose to support The McGrath Foundation is actually more personal. My mum dealt with breast cancer and lost her battle with the disease at the age of 52.  I was on the side lines with little ability to help while my mother graciously fought this disease.  She would travel four hours each way by bus from country to city to receive treatment,  and would return home to try and get back to "normal".  This happened on many occasions.  I do honestly believe that my mum's experience with this disease may have been eased with the support of a McGrath Breast Cancer Nurse.  My mum had wonderful friends and family support at home, but I think having someone that was not personally involved together with the experience, the education and understanding of the disease would have been a great benefit at that time.  We are thrilled to be apart of a foundation that is hands on, having face to face support with people and their families affected by breast cancer.  It has to make a difference, doesn't it?

The other thing we absolutely love about The McGrath Foundation is that they are working really hard on developing ways to create awareness with young women and men about breast health.  Early detection is very important, so education is vital.

So when you see our bottles (and yes they are also pink, not intentionally) with The McGrath Foundation logo, be assured that we are passionate (personally as well as professionally) about the cause and the work that The McGrath Foundation are doing.

We also want to thank you for purchasing Harmoni's Kiss Roll-On deodorant, because you are helping "make a difference" to the patient and their families.  And just because October "breast cancer awareness month" is almost over, you should know that we donate throughout the whole year from each and every bottle, not just for this month.

If you missed the blog about "what you need to know about aluminium and deodorant" you can read it here.

Ingredients Matter!

Melissa & the team @ Harmoni's Kiss


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