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  • The power of 'circle of friends'

    Posted on November 04 2012

    Melissa recounts her evening with The McGrath Foundation
  • Never be afraid to say you're scared

    Posted on November 04 2012

    The breeze was getting stronger as the train drew nearer. I did the safe thing and hopped in the carriage behind the guard. I couldn't determine how many people were on the train but I counted three in my carriage. I wasn't completely sure if I had left enough time to make the gates before they closed, I was enjoying the party so much I thought missing the gates into the "park like" school grounds where i was staying with my daughter was secondary. I would just have to phone security, I know they would come and get me or I could just walk briskly to the main security entrance a kilometre away. It'll be fine.
  • Mum's Corner

    Posted on June 10 2010

    Mum's Corner

    In September 2008 an American group called Environmental Working Group (EWG) took samples of blood and urine from 20 girls aged 14-19. The staff scientist, Rebecca Sutton Ph.D, reported that the girls samples showed traces of 16 chemicals from 4 chemical families that are commonly used in personal care products.