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  • A Chrissy pud that will knock your Christmas stockings off!

    Posted on November 16 2012

    This chrissy pud comes from grandmothers and Women's Weekly recipes that have been adapted over the years. We take out the cherries from the mixed fruit and this year I didn't add the spices because no one likes the taste of them here.
  • Never be afraid to say you're scared

    Posted on November 04 2012

    The breeze was getting stronger as the train drew nearer. I did the safe thing and hopped in the carriage behind the guard. I couldn't determine how many people were on the train but I counted three in my carriage. I wasn't completely sure if I had left enough time to make the gates before they closed, I was enjoying the party so much I thought missing the gates into the "park like" school grounds where i was staying with my daughter was secondary. I would just have to phone security, I know they would come and get me or I could just walk briskly to the main security entrance a kilometre away. It'll be fine.
  • Why we support The McGrath Foundation, it's not what you think!

    Posted on October 27 2012

    Last week I wrote about "what you need to know about aluminium and deodorant".  In the blog we answered a question regarding the topic of aluminium and breast cancer. The reason why we chose to support The McGrath Foundation is actually more personal. 

  • Has this teen gone to far?

    Posted on April 28 2011

    No seriously, what do YOU think? I guess bringing your views and opinions to the world by sticking toxic warning labels on personal care products will certainly attract attention and raise awareness.
  • Don't go through life wondering!

    Posted on April 18 2011

    Melissa Lowe is the founder of Harmoni's Kiss with 3 beautiful girls. Melissa takes a moment to stop and ask rather than spend her life wondering.