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  • The Why? In HK's Famous Roll On Deodorant

    Posted on May 10 2017

    Who Can use Harmoni's Kiss Roll On Deodorant? Everyone! Although Harmoni's Kiss formulated the all-natural Roll On Deodorant with girls in mind, this product is so effective that the whole family can use it. 

  • The power of 'circle of friends'

    Posted on November 04 2012

    Melissa recounts her evening with The McGrath Foundation
  • What you need to know about aluminium and deodorants

    Posted on October 21 2012

    When people see our deodorant they are often drawn immediately to the fact that it is aluminium FREE. We are often asked "did you make your deodorant because you think aluminium causes breast cancer?".
  • A child's perception of cancer

    Posted on May 13 2011

    Melissa Lowe is the founder of Harmoni's Kiss with 3 beautiful daughters. Melissa's 3 year old has an inspiring perspective on cancer and death. Out of the mouth of babes.
  • Body Changes - It's Going To Be Okay

    Posted on February 15 2011

    Accept that you're feeling a bit blah today and know tomorrow is a new day and it will pass.