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  • Two Besties, Two Cities, Two Bodies, So Much Love

    Posted on December 26 2017

    Two Besties, Two Cities, Two Bodies, So Much Love
    Jane and Emma are two besties who share the Instagram handle and blog 'A Tale Of Two City’s' and one quick look at their feed shows them to be two vibrant individuals with a lot of love shared between them!
  • Growing Up Gracefully

    Posted on July 14 2017

    The teenage years can be a wonderful, exciting time. Sure, you may be faced with new challenges, but if you embrace the changes and be kind to yourself while they’re happening it will be a journey you remember forever. At Harmoni’s Kiss, we talk about how great it is to be female, the natural changes that happen when you move from being a girl to a young woman and how you can approach this stage with a positive attitude so your experience is a happy one.
  • The power of 'circle of friends'

    Posted on November 04 2012

    Melissa recounts her evening with The McGrath Foundation