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  • Two Besties, Two Cities, Two Bodies, So Much Love

    Posted on December 26 2017

    Two Besties, Two Cities, Two Bodies, So Much Love
    Jane and Emma are two besties who share the Instagram handle and blog 'A Tale Of Two City’s' and one quick look at their feed shows them to be two vibrant individuals with a lot of love shared between them!
  • No one else is you - that is your power

    Posted on November 22 2017

    Truer words spoken by Gracie Ireland could not be said louder. At HK our motto is self-love. There are way too many challenges to deal with in life already, why do we insist on creating a war with ourselves as well? It's time to stop bullying ourselves.
  • Body Beautiful

    Posted on October 25 2017

    We love insta! In fact you could say we're a bit obsessed. But we're getting a little sick and tired of seeing all these edited bodies! Stop editing yourself!
  • Spot the Difference

    Posted on May 10 2017

    When you get into your teens it’s a top idea to get into a regular skincare routine to make sure your skin looks its best later in life.

  • The difference between antiperspirant deodorant and natural deodorant

    Posted on July 29 2013

    You may change your mind about antiperspirant deodorant or introducing one to your child at the age of 10 or 11 when you understand the difference between an antiperspirant deodorant and a natural and organic one.