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News » acne

  • Spot the Difference

    Posted on May 10 2017

    When you get into your teens it’s a top idea to get into a regular skincare routine to make sure your skin looks its best later in life.

  • STOP EVERYTHING! Need urgent pimple treatment?

    Posted on April 05 2012

    Sometimes you have an unsightly eruption – one single pimple that appears out of nowhere. You’re desperate to get rid of it, and the temptation to squeeze is getting harder to resist (DON'T DO IT! You'll totally regret it).
  • Will chocolate give you pimples?

    Posted on April 05 2012

    Apparently NOT! (at this stage there is no real statistical evidence). But my friend Lucy will tell you if she eats chocolate she will guarantee she will have a pimple two days later! So maybe it's on an individual basis.
  • Get that pimple! - Yoghurt masque - for mild cases of acne

    Posted on February 28 2012

    Firstly... CUTENESS!
    And now to the point... Yoghurt masque
    – for mild cases of acne on any skin type.

  • Bust that acne - Green Grape Masque

    Posted on February 27 2012

    Green grape masque – for acne in all its glory (both kinds of acne respond to this. If anything, Acne vulgaris clears up faster with this than Acne roseacea)