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ROLE MODEL – Meet The All Natural Beauty Abigail O’Neill

Posted on December 17 2017

We’re very excited to introduce you to a serious role model for Harmoni’s Kiss and our mission to promote natural beauty, Abigail O’Neill. Abigail is a 43-year-old model, mother of three and the author of one of Australia’s first healthy chocolate recipe books, Model Chocolate.

Over the years this beautiful mum of three has made headlines a few times for her refreshingly natural lifestyle, which she credits for having helped her maintain her radiant looks into her 40s. 

We’ve picked her out as role model because she has never had any work done on her face or her body and she has used natural beauty solutions her entire life. That’s right, her looks are not the result of any of those chemical laden miracle anti-ageing creams that are peddled by celebrities, she is 100% natural and we think that’s really inspiring so we asked her to share some advice about natural beauty so that you too can learn that you don’t need the latest magic cream and you definitely don’t need to go under the knife, natural solutions work, especially when you start incorporating them into your life from a young age like Abigail did.

HK: You made the decision to use only natural products on your skin at a very early age, why did you choose to do that? 

I've always been intuitively connected to nature...even as a child I preferred rose petals for blush and pollen for eye shadow! As I grew older I sought out information to live a holistic natural life. I believe nature keeps things in balance.

HK: Today you’re well-known for championing natural beauty products over conventional products and your results from years of use speak for themselves but can you tell us, how do you think it has helped to keep you looking so young in your 40s and throughout different stages of your life?

Really and honestly I don't use much in the way of 'products.' I like fresh aloes from my garden, cold pressed olive oil, infused with essential oils as moisturiser. I believe that what we put inside our bodies is the most effective in staying our most beautifully youthful, and later aging positively as well.

HK: It’s very easy when you first start to buy personal care and makeup to get sucked in by all the marketing about chemical products and their magical benefits, what would you say to young girls making these decisions about why they don’t need them? 

Oh please!! Disregard most of what you're seeing girls. The models advocating a lot of these brands full of chemicals are not using them, they're just doing their day job. Many supermodels actually are into much of what I've shared for years! Natural living is powerful, leave your skin bare most of the time, hydrate, eat organic mostly plant based foods, get enough rest, eat raw chocolate daily in place of binging on unhealthful snacks. Raw chocolate works from the inside out like a 'multivitamin' for your skin!

HK: You’re somewhat famous for eating chocolate everyday and you wrote a recipe book all about it called Model Chocolate, what would you say to young girls who may be feeling like the only way to be skinny is to go without?  

I never deprive myself of nutrient rich delicious foods. I eat my 'Model Chocolate' daily, but I also enjoy tasty salads, 'seaweed chippies' for a tasty salty snack, drink coconut water, super smoothies, baked sweet potatoes filled with my garden pesto! If you omit processed foods from your diet I promise you you'll enjoy your food more, become in tune with what your body actually needs, and, the best part won't need any 'cheat days'!

HK: You raised your daughter with the same values around using natural beauty products over chemical ones, how do you think that has benefited her? 

Charlotte is passionate about living naturally, and is one of the most confident young women I know. She rarely wears make up, and when she does it's usually a flick of mascara and organic lip balm. She's gorgeous inside and out whether she's in sweaty yoga pants after rock climbing or dressed in the most elegant gown. I couldn't be more amazed with her true beauty.

HK: What other beauty advice have you given your daughter whilst she was growing up that you wish more young girls knew? 

I remember taking carrot juice into her room when she was still in bed at 10 years old. She didn't like it! I suppose the education has been to work the inner (and outer) beauty from the inside out rather than cover up lifestyle flaws with products. I remember Charlotte (and my boys) taking essential oils to school in place of deodorants, and they knew how important it was to keep the organs of elimination working well. Their healthy lunches seemed pretty uncool then, but now I feel a lot of people are trying a more natural lifestyle! It's so great to see so don’t be afraid to make your own choices and find works for you. I helped my daughter do that and it has made her the confident young woman she is today.

HK: What’s your best piece advice for learning to love yourself?

In loving who you are you should also love others. In loving others and complimenting them you're also loving yourself. As important as it is to make sure you love you, and take time to nurture yourself, I think the truest fulfilment in life comes from looking outside of ourselves, and recognising the beauty and talents of others. This is one of the most beautiful traits you can possess!

HK: You post a lot of natural unedited photos of yourself on Instagram, what would you say to someone who may be thinking about editing their instagram photos because they feel self-conscious about something? 

I suppose it's about being truthful, it's a shame that our society is comfortable with accepting lies as reality. The saddest thing is to be untrue to yourself, and edit yourself into something you're not to hopefully impress someone or anyone. It can deprive you of your real power. You, reading this now, you're beautiful. You don't need to fit any 'trend' to shine. It's the differences about you that make you, you. Be healthy, yes! Be your best! But don't distort yourself for anyone.

HK: In the spirit of our #bodyharmoni campaign can you tell us what is your favourite feature/part of your body and why? 

I love my small bust. I suppose instead of wishing I had big boobies I can be thankful that I'll never have a problem with sagging breasts, no matter what my age! Of course it's the current trend to get voluptuous implants. I'm totally anti-trending right now, but these tiny babies, they're all MINE.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Abigail’s lifestyle follow her on Instagram @abigailoneill, she’s sure you to inspire you to be more naturally beautiful throughout your whole life. Whilst you’re there have a look at her followers, this Aussie mum’s natural lifestyle has caught the attention of more than one celeb! She must be doing something right huh? You can also find more about her lifestyle on her website.

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