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No one else is you - that is your power

Posted on November 22 2017

Truer words spoken by Gracie Ireland could not be said louder. At HK our motto is self-love. There are way too many challenges to deal with in life already, why do we insist on creating a war with ourselves as well? It's time to stop bullying ourselves. 

Think about it, if someone came up to you and told you that your nose was crooked, your arms were too short, your calves too wide or your bum too flat you'd feel damn right powerless and crushed. And yet, we continue to do it to ourselves every day.

Before we hit send on that insta pic we filter the hell out of it "ooh! that Crema filter hides my blemishes" and for what purpose other than to serve ourselves with a mean fling of BS.

Our #bodyharmoni campaign is all about proving you don't need a filter, you don't need photoshopping. Every single feature that is yours belongs to no one else. You have that over everyone.

We took 4 with Gracie Ireleand (@gracie_ireland) who totally gets it. With over 50,000 followers and climbing Gracie well understands the importance of loving you for you.

Quick 4 with Gracie Ireland

What’s your best advice for learning to love and accept yourself and what does self-acceptance mean to you?
No one else is you, that is your power. The fun part is embracing it.

What are some of your favourite things to do to make you feel good about yourself?
Working out, I like to be strong from the inside out!
(2) When that extra confidence boost is needed: Pull out those items in your wardrobe, e.g. those jeans that make your bum look great, or the boots that make your legs go on forever, or the eye-shadow that makes your eyes pop, etc.

How do you combat negative thoughts about yourself?
(Speaking from someone who had been diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder and Anorexia Nervosa for all my teenage years)... I have never reached my full potential in anything whilst obsessing over the negatives.

What would you say to someone who may be scrolling through their Instagram right now and suffering from feelings of inadequacy?
Worried your stomach doesn't look toned in that photo? Others are looking at how long your legs look. We all tend to spot the pros in others' posts, but the cons in our own. No one critiques how you look in a photo more than you do.


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