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Mum's Corner

Posted on June 10 2010

In September 2008 an American group called Environmental Working Group (EWG) took samples of blood and urine from 20 girls aged 14-19. The staff scientist, Rebecca Sutton Ph.D, reported that the girls samples showed traces of 16 chemicals from 4 chemical families that are commonly used in personal care products.

A lot of these chemicals are found in many of our products around the home, so it would be tricky to pin point the chemicals coming from just one source. But we can minimise the exposure by choosing products that are proven to be organic by certification.

With this in mind Harmoni’s Kiss uses only kind ingredients and is proud to be totally natural.

These genuine caring beauty products offer young women a fashionable and fun alternative to brands with chemicals which bombard the influential teen market at present.

As you will be aware you or your daughters are going through massive changes in their development and this means harmful chemicals can have much more of an influence in their growing bodies. By informing teens of our fantastic ingredients we aim to encourage a new generation of label reading and awareness of some of the beauty products who use substances that can build up after applying daily.

As a woman you might be aware of the ‘green washing’ that goes on in the beauty cosmetics market and by this we mean brands who purposely use more green or more natural looking packaging or chosen natural words like “lemon and green tea scent” to give a sense the product is kinder to us and to the environment. By label reading we soon realise brands rarely have supporting evidence to back up this green natural look. We aim to empower Mum’s and daughters, start reading labels, question ingredients, ring companies for more information or even look them up on the internet.

How great would it be if we were able to say in five years that there is a decrease in childhood/adolescent disease because we cut down or out the exposure to harmful chemicals in personal care products. We are continually building the Harmoni’s Kiss range to cater for every aspect of a teens cosmetic needs to ensure there are always caring alternatives to any chemical driven products and hope our good example will demonstrate to other brands ingredients really do matter!


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