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Don't go through life wondering!

Posted on April 18 2011

A Melissa Story:

This week we are doing our "bit" for Queensland tourism, working and playing on the Sunshine Coast or you could say Queensland is doing its "bit" for us because it is so beautiful. So I have had the opportunity to do my regular jog on a beautiful Australian beach. I usually finish off this routine by sitting quietly for ten minutes to collect my thoughts for the day ahead.

On this day I took two $2 coins with me, they were a pain actually because I had to hold them in each hand while I jogged. When I sat quietly for those ten minutes on a the sand in a meditative position, legs crossed, hands placed softly on my legs, wrists facing the sky, I placed the $2 coins on each knee so I didn't have them in my hand and I didn't put sand all over them.

After I felt refreshed and ready for the day I hopped up and started on my way back, suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder, a male voice, said “excuse me, I saw you sitting on the beach meditating and saw that you had gold coins on each knee, could you tell me the significance to this?” a little startled I informed the man that these gold coins where in fact to pay for my morning cappuccino on the way back to the unit. The man looked a little disappointed that I couldn't inform him that I was involved in a new revolution in meditation.

The point to this is that the man took the time to ask, he didn't go on for the rest of the day wondering about the new meditation technique of “gold coins on knee”. It took a two minute conversation to be informed, even though it probably wasn't the outcome he was looking for, he still sought the information.

Empower yourself by asking, don't go through life wondering, “what if I knew or what if I asked” and if you don't know what you're putting in or on your body, isn't it time to find out? So start asking!


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