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Will chocolate give you pimples?

Apparently NOT! (at this stage there is no real statistical evidence) But my friend Lucy will tell you if she eats chocolate she will guarantee she will have a pimple two days later! So maybe it's on an individual basis. 


Pushing the pause button!

How many times has someone said to you lately "I can't believe it is already February"? Or when you're out shopping are you reminded that Easter is around the corner (wasn't Jesus just born?), then pops the voice in your head "What's the time"? Oh my gosh I have to........... Does this make you feel like you need to catch your breath?

Do you think you can push the pause button on life and then press play again?  We did, we pushed the pause button, just for a little while and it was great. 

Harmoni's Kiss had some great successes last year with the launch of Harmoni's Organic Roll-On deodorant into Woolworths, the partnership with The McGrath Foundation, Month of May campaign, Pink October campaign, Organic Expo, International Spa & Beauty Expo, Christmas gifts to 1500 youth in need through Mission Australia, new retailers and pharmacy coming on board and Harmoni Organics being the recipient of a Commercialisation Australia Grant. We loved every minute of all of it, but time got away on us (even with the best plans in place) so we pressed pause.

When we pressed the play button, it was still a little hectic and we had some new changes, but we deal with hectic and change well. Being in the organic industry we face challenges often, just like the one we are facing now.  We are trying to make the next batch of skin creams with our gorgeous organic raw ingredients for the right price so we are able to keep our products affordable for you. Transparency is apart of the Harmoni's Kiss DNA, while we would love to tell you that we have solved this problem, we can't because we haven't yet. We are still working on it and it's looking pretty good so far.  

Harmoni's Kiss loves a challenge because is often creates an opportunity.  So here it is, your opportunity..... We want to invite you to the Harmoni's Kiss Destiny Offer. You may win a $50 gift voucher of your choice by telling us what you think about the current product range and perhaps what new Harmoni's Kiss product you would like to see in the future. 

If you win the $50 voucher you may even like to press the pause button with a massage or treat yourself to something that will help you feel refreshed.

If you are finding you need to catch your breath, take some time out, the hardest task become easier, decision-making becomes stimulating and challenges turn into opportunities.

Here's to a fabulous year and exiting changes ahead (it's not too late to say that is it?)!

Melissa & the team @ Harmoni's Kiss

Harmoni's Kiss mission is to work for the greater good, being kind to "us" and our environment.  We provide natural and organic choice for mothers, fathers, careers and friends making smart decisions on personal care products for you. We are "emotionally teen, functionally green". 



Together we can make a difference - girls become women

We love the pink passion of the McGrath Foundation and how they support their Breast Care Nurses throughout regional Australia. Their dedication to educate and inform young women to be more breast aware is so inspiring. 


2011 Post Expo Wrap-Up

2011 Post Expo Wrap-Up    


High Distinction for HK

Each and every product in the Harmoni’s Kiss range is fully Australian Certified Organic.  


Zoe Tuckwell-Smith-Sustainability "Warrior"

Not only is Zoe Tuckwell-Smith on Who's Magazine
"Most Beautiful People" list, she is also a natural "Warrior"
for sustainable clothing.

The Winners & Loser's 
actress was dressed for the red carpet Logies event last night by Georgina McCorkill,
The Red Carpet Project

Zoe told the Sunday Herald Sun: "I wanted to be there on behalf of something bigger,which is why I have chosen to take a risk with my dress in order to promote something inspiring”.

We loved your “up-cycled” dress Zoe, you looked amazing, although you would look amazing in a hessian bag!  We hope that we see more celebrities who are fashion orientated taking the stand for our environment and sustainable projects, including Australian Certified Organics!

Well done Zoe!

Photo by timthump.php



Try our game of Spot the Difference!



How to Read An Ingredients Label

(if you want to feel liberated and in control of your decisions in purchasing personal care products, instead of being a “demographic marketing statistic”, then we guarantee this will work for you) 


Has this teen gone to far?

Has this teen gone to far? 


Don't go through life wondering!

This week we are doing our "bit" for Queensland tourism, working and playing on the Sunshine Coast or you could say Queensland is doing its "bit" for us because it is so beautiful. So I have had the opportunity to do my regular jog on a beautiful Australian beach. I usually finish off this routine by sitting quietly for ten minutes to collect my thoughts for the day ahead. 


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