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What you need to know about aluminium and deodorants.

When people see our deodorant they are often drawn immediately to the fact that it is aluminium FREE.  We are often asked "did you make your deodorant because you think aluminium causes breast cancer?".  



During puberty you can expect hair to appear in all sorts of new places. You’ll start growing hair under your arms and around your genitals. You might also find the hair on your legs gets longer and darker. 


Body Changes

It’s completely natural during your teenage years to feel emotional. Although it can seem hard at the time, it’s a great idea to turn your emotions into something positive. Go for a power walk with a friend, or sign up for a team sport – great for making new friends – yoga or kickboxing class. The worst thing you can do is to let your emotions get the better of you, or take them out on someone else. Knowing what’s making you feel the way you do – and realising it’s not forever – can make you feel instantly better. 


No Sweat

Many girls find when they reach puberty they start to perspire more. This is completely natural. If you find you’re starting to sweat, make sure you shower regularly with a gentle, natural body wash and warm water, paying special attention to the underarms. Changing and washing your clothes often also helps and will also make you feel fresh and clean.  


28 Days (thereabouts)

Girls usually get their first period at around the age of 12 or 13, although it can start as young as nine and also start later in the teenage years. If you’re approaching the age when you expect to have your first period it’s a good idea to talk to someone you can trust about what you can expect. The idea is to be prepared because the more informed you are, the less of a surprise it will be when it happens.  


Body Beautiful

Every female body goes through a whole heap of different changes during the teenage years. You might have a growth spurt and get a lot taller in a short space of time. You might start to develop fuller hips. As you become a young woman you’ll also develop breasts.  


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