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The power of 'circle of friends'

I drove our dirt road to make it just in time for my flight at 2 pm. I had a function called 'circle of friends' that night and a full day of meetings the following day in the city.

The function started at 6.30. In the spirit of friendship, the night began with an ice-breaker. You had to find 2 or 3 people with the same McGrath Breast Care Nurse location on your name badge. Our mission was to find out their name, where they work, how they support the foundation and one fun fact.

It was an intimate group of like minded women and men. The atmosphere was light-hearted and uplifting. After about half an hour of mingling with the guests, our Port Lincoln group came together, we swapped our stories and fun facts and we laughed. Our group consisted of a trapeze artist, scuba diver, pole dancer and a truck driver and we were all females. Guess which fun fact belonged to me? (in fact our group consisted of some serious business women, specialists, wives and mothers!)

Tracy Bevan requested our attention, and the fun began. She called out the groups representing different Breast Cancer Nurse location, you had to move to her and one person from the group had to answer her questions and you really needed to know the answer or you would be dismissed immediately, she was funny, cheeky and a breath of fresh air.

Glenn was the next to speak. He spoke about how real men wear pink, or at-least he is still convincing himself they do. Glenn, real man do wear pink and you are the role model. He spoke about Jane and the goal for The McGrath Foundation to reach 150 Breast Care Nurses in Australia. A video was mentioned about the 78th Breast Cancer Nurse and it was to be played next.

My mood started to shift while Glenn was speaking. I started feeling emotional, this wasn't a usual corporate guests party, this was personal.

The video started, the new breast cancer nurse Jo Bevan from Broken Hill was introduced. Imagery of The Flying Doctors, an outback medical center, cattle stations and dust from a Toyota land-cruiser (much like the dust from behind my own vehicle just a few short hours before) crossed the screen. Interviews with Jo and her patient were shown, it was face to face experience, confronting but real. I searched the guests and staff and everyone was completely still and quiet. This is it I thought, this is what everyone needs to see, not the "fluff" of corporate fundraising, but the real life experience for nurses, staff and patients. I looked down to the right corner of the screen and saw Glenn watching on so intently at the scenes, he was so close to it.  At that time I wondered if he knew how proud he should be, they all should be. They didn't have to do it, they could have stopped after Jane passed away, they could have chosen to get on with their own personal lives. Thankfully they didn't. 

I left the 'circle of friends' party after having a deep chat with Tracy and my gorgeous McGrath Foundations Corporate Friends Manager, Natalie (possibly the only stunning brunette in the team!) and I felt richer in hope. I felt safe knowing The McGrath Foundation team are at work.  

speak soon,

Ingredients Matter!

You can read about how that safety I felt a few short minutes prior to leaving this function turned to fear, here.
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